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Pritam Panda
  From establishing a Fashion Institute to set a platform for the gen-next in the locales of Orissa to setting up racks at High-end luxury stores across the globe... From dressing the world's most stunning ladies to outfitting sensuous supermodels... From receiving honors by the government and several private organizations at this young age for his way-out efforts of promoting Remote Indian Art & Craft on an international forefront to bagging membership with the prestigious GAFC & Fashion Council for expertise in his field...

Pritam Panda has come a long way... Year 2003 (after a short & profound training under Alexander McQueen) only heralded the humble beginning of the label catering to a few domestic stores and today in a span of 6 years, boasts a team of 8 assistant designers, 62 artisans, 20 seamsters to form the VKY-House of Fashion. This label caters to select high-end stores in New Dehli, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, London, Manchester, Bradford, Phuket, Bangkok, Malaysia, France, Dubai & Dhaka.

The jump start moment for him was his association with an ace Asian designer store in the UK. Of late, has also ventured into promoting Orissan hand-woven silk fabric with his signature surface ornamentations through sampling for fashion houses overseas. Thanks to the global design sensibility coupled with the best of business ability, the label is more than able to satisfy the consumer demands of a traditional Indian bride, a contemporary South Asian woman or an eclectic cosmopolitan style diva.
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